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A Creature Feature

A Spook Show of the Soul

A Coping Trance

This show deals with the fracturing effects of living in the physical world and the fragmentation of the anxious mind fraught with dark recesses and creepy creatures made to populate the interior spaces of the Creative's insular existence.


[Morbidity] is escapist, retreating into distant landscapes, lost eras, and outlandish personal appearance.  It is the anti-bourgeois and rejects such values as hard work, family, good cheer, and common sense- despite the sadists and the vampires good manners. *1


In the art world, fear and confusion have brought about a return of the metaphysical, even if it's only skin deep.  There's been a shift from the big picture to the little one, from the cultural to the subcultural, the outer world to the inner one.  ...Ever since the enlightenment killed off Satan in the 18th century, the artistic imagination has relished filling the void. ...None of us know what will hit next, but things feel heavy."- [Paraphrased] Jerry Saltz, Modern Gothic 2004





*taken from Gilda Willams' essay, "How Deep is Your Goth", The Gothic: Documents of Contemporary Art


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