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Benjamin Forest Spencer


"My work serves as a reflection of darkness, emptiness, of sadness, longing, and the omnipresent contradictions which we are at the mercy of, like what is beautiful and absurd at once. Meaningful thoughts and moments manifest, in my drawings and paintings, as scenes from imagined mythology, unseen realms, vague drama which transcends time and reality. It is all part of an attempt to obscure pain with fictions more true and honest than the stuff of our world, an effort to forget and to begin being forgotten. creation, destruction, displacement, and repetition converge to form a cosmically sexual, discordant harmony that I wield as a means of achieving, in short, nothing."



As well as being a visual artist, I am a writer and musician. I was born in Michigan and have lived here all my life. I walk and work at night, and spend my leisure time in the woods and in cemeteries, from which I draw inspiration. I study art independently, and my work has been featured in zines, printed on t-shirts, used as album art, tattooed, etc.


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