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John Neely


"My work explores the relationship between Critical theory and emotional memories.
Ever since I was a student I have been fascinated by the unrelenting divergence of the mind. What starts out as contemplation soon becomes corroded into a hegemony of lust, leaving only a sense of decadence and the possibility of a new reality.
As wavering replicas become distorted through studious and critical practice, the viewer is left with a testament to the outposts of our culture.


'Normal Shift' is a solo work as an exploration into the element of displacement from the view point of the dancer transitioning, utilizing the experiences of other people's moments of displacement. The work is in collaboration with Skandougless, and was created using the experiences of Lindsay Cashews moving from Cleveland, Ohio to Detroit, MI.  The work uses William Forsythe  improvisation technologies along with dance probability."




John S. Neely is a dancer, choreographer and a native of Detroit; He found his passion for dance and trained seriously starting at the age of thirteen in the Metro Detroit area. He pushed forward due to his teacher Maria DiMaggio-Huber allowing him to dance despite the huge issues that he was facing. He worked with Natalie to improve himself, and now he is currently living and studying in Detroit.  He has been awarded scholarships and accepted into Moxie ballet summer program, dance theater of harlem summer program.  He is working on finishing his BFA  at Marygrove College and working with Jordeen Ivanov-Ericson, Susan Panek, Penny Godboldo, Jonathon Cash, Debra Cherveny, Dante' Henderson, Nick Cave and Tracy Halloran Pearson, traveling between many major cities like NYC and CHI, to work with other artist. He is now creating and presenting work under title Divergent-Detroit. He collaborates with fellow artist and friend Lindsay Cashews company Skandoughless. 


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