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Call For Art:

Cities are like organisms- they grow, they evolve, they are not immune to hardship, and they too can recover.  Take Detroit for example:  on the precipice of rebirth, the City of Detroit is seeing a renewal of energy and excitement around it’s historic and rich arts’ scene.  As is the case for many cities, the arts and culture scene tends to lead the way for new, innovative thinking.  It’s impossible not to talk about ‘the future’ in the context of a city like Detroit and it’s artists and culture-makers.  “The future belongs to a very different kind of mind: creators and empathizers, pattern recognizers, and meaning makers.” (*1)  Artists, builders, storytellers, out-of-the-box thinkers, and entrepreneurs, are all envisioning a new kind of ‘future’; one that is not linear or finite, but rather a new era that requires a different approach: whole-hemisphere thinking.  It’s a transition from the analytical left-brain that marked the information age, to dual-hemisphere thinking that draws heavily on creativity, intuitiveness and emotions, all of which are associated with the right-brain.  

As art becomes a catalyst for new development in cities like Detroit, whole-hemisphere thinking becomes an edge..  a necessity, even. This new approach to creative-rebuilding has drawn the attention of national and international Art’s communities which has led to an influx of young artists to Detroit where the opportunities are plentiful and their particular skill-sets are a commodity.  As a result, like with any city, new topics arise regarding resource and opportunity allocation, gentrification, and identity.  Like many major art hubs, Detroit artists tie their connection with the city into their artistic-identity: which community they belong to (from born-and-raised, to transplant, to suburbanite, to out-of-towner) and see it as an indicator of how opportunities should be dispersed during growth and expansion.  Even within the larger Detroit Arts’ Community factions arise based on of the geographical layout of the city itself (Southwest, Eastside, Corktown, Eastern Market, Midtown, Downtown, [Hamtramck], etc), just like the many boroughs of NYC, or neighborhoods of L.A.  These built-in communities can be both a source of inclusion and exclusion, as the definition of ‘identity’ expands further for artists.  

This show will draw on the idea that ‘You are Here’ can be both an indicator of place and time (i.e. you are here, existing at this moment in time, during a period of new urban development and revitalization, spear-headed by creative, whole-hemisphere thinkers and makers), and also “you are here” as in a place on a map, indicating location, and the identity associated with that location.  Work in this show will explore location, time/place, Detroit’s future, urban development, ideas of identity, gentrification, creative emotional and empathetic ingenuity, and whole-brain thinking/making. 


(*1.) Daniel H. Pink, A Whole New Mind 

Note*  Though this show will heavily feature Detroit, Greater Detroit, and East Michigan Artists, you do NOT have to live in Detroit to be a part of this show.  If you have work that fits the theme and criteria for the show, please consider applying- the Carr Center is a very large space and a diverse array of opinions is needed.*


**SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS OCT. 3rd at 11:59pm**



Show will run November 3rd-December 17th, 2016 at The Carr Center, Detroit MI


Opening Reception & Award announcement: Thursday Nov 3rd 7pm-11pm at the Carr Center


$200 Best in Show (Public and Juried Vote)

$150 Runner Up (Public and Juried Vote)

$ Cash Honorarium for chosen Installation Artists


Please send your submission to

In the Subject Line of the email please write "Artists Name_You Are Here Submission"

ENTRY FEE: $15.00 for three images, video clips (payable below), or installation proposal

Visual Artists:

-please also see 'all submissions' catagory at the end of the page to complete submission

-please attach images of work to the email, do not include in the body of the email*****

-Images must be in:

jpeg format

No more than 2 mb per image

Name each image as follows: lastname_firstname_entrynumber.jpg

(example: Jane_Smith_01.jpg)


For each piece submitted, please also include in the email (or an attached word doc)

 Entry number

 Artist’s name  

"Title", Date



 Price (If for Sale)


 Entry 01

 Jane Smith

"This Work", 2016

 Oil on Canvas



Installation Artists:

-Please describe proposed installation in as much detail as possible.

-Please support idea with pictures from previous installations, pictures from the web, or rough sketches. The more information you can give me about your idea the better chance you have of being selected and granted the cash honorarium to complete the installation. 

-cash honorariums from $100-$200 will be granted based on proposed idea and general budget for concept

-please also see 'all submissions' catagory at the end of the page to complete submission

Video/Film Artists:

-you may attach videoclips to email or send links to youtube/video/personal site

-if seleted for exhibition, please be prepared with a downloadable high quality version for the exhibition

-please also see 'all submissions' catagory at the end of the page to complete submission

Performance Artists:

-you may attach videoclips to email or send links to youtube/video/personal site of performance

-if creating a performance specifically for this exhibtion please describe in email in as much detail as possible

-please describe your plan for performing during the opening of the exhibition (is it a video of the performance, or a live performance, just one performance or many performances throughout the night, do you need a stage, is there audience participation, etc?) 

-please also see 'all submissions' catagory at the end of the page to complete submission

****All Submissions****

-Please send your submission to

-In the Subject Line of the email please write "(Artists Name)_You Are Here Submission"

-ENTRY FEE: $15.00 for three images, video clips (payable below), or installation proposal

-Please Include:

Short Statement about works submitted


CV (if applicable)

Artist Website/ Social Media


-If a work is sold, there will be a 40% commission fee to the Carr Center.

-Once your submission fee is received, your work will be processed for consideration.

***YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL***within24hrs.  If you do not receive this email, your submission did not go through. (contact anna at

Click Button Below to Pay $15.00 Submission Fee (You will be re-directed to Paypal/ no paypal account necessary)

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