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Haus of Skandoughless


Skandoughless(TM) is an up-and-coming fashion performance label created by artist Lindsay Cashews in 2013. Cashews found that her visual art was becoming stagnate in the gallery, and decided that fashion and performance were the next step. She combines considerations of classicism, collapsed hierarchy, pop culture and gender performance in the work. She then writes music to soundtrack it on the runway, such as Mcqueen had before her.

The brand is used on the runway to create performances and spectacle, as well as wearable pieces of art that can be taken to street fashion.

Skandoughless(TM) debuted on the runway at Cleveland’s Agora Theater on September 25, 2014, featuring a chain maille dress made link-by-link.

Her work will be taken to Detroit, Chicago, and New York Fashion Week in 2015. 

Skandoughless(TM) is both an artist collective and production company.




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