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-The Infinite Undoing/ Guest Curation, Galleri 2987, Detroit MI (April 2018)

-The Collective Experiment / Guest Co-curation, The Bedrock Gallery with the Carr Center, Detroit MI (January 12th, 2018)

-Bent, but Unbroken/ Guest Curation, The Charles H. Wright Museum, Detroit MI (July 2017)

-You Are Here/ Guest Curation, The Carr Center, Detroit MI (November 2016)

-Never Not Broken/ Guest Curation, 117 Gallery at the Ann Arbor Art Center

(March 2016)


-Things Feel Heavy/ Title Show, Tangent Gallery, Detroit MI (July 2015)


-Leave Me as You Found Me / Solo Curation, The Yellow Barn, Ann Arbor  MI  (May, 2012)

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