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The Infinite Undoing

Call For Art:


Things Feel Heavy and Galleri 2987 present: 

The Infinite Undoing


This is a Call for Art about ‘letting go’; the ways in which we let go, that which we hold onto, our inability to let go and its resulting affect, and the absolution in the act itself.  


‘Letting go’ is the final gesture after acceptance.  It is the last sequential step in the process of moving forward.  Without the final act of letting go, the things we hold on to destructively manifest in other ways and at other times, and lead to our eventual, and often infinite, undoing.  The things we must eventually let go of (people, events, beliefs, etc.) are as numerous as the ways we find to do so.  For the creative-minded, resolution is often found buried in the nuances of work.


This exhibition seeks art in all mediums about the many facets of ‘letting go’.  It can deal in directness or abstraction about the things which we must let go, the resulting tangible work used to find finality, or the exoneration realized in the act of releasing what we can no longer bare to carry as burdens.  



This is a national Call for Art.

All mediums accepted.

In accordance with the artist-based vision of Things Feel Heavy, in support of the artistic community, the show will offer a $150.00 Best in Show Prize to award the chosen exhibiting artist[s] for his/her exceptional work and creativity in interpretation of the concept from funds garnered through submission fees.  




Show will run April 13th-May 4th, 2018 at Galleri 2987, Detroit MI


Opening Reception: Friday April 13th  7pm-10pm at Galleri 2987

Award Annoucement emailed and posted to website Saturday April 14th


$150 Best in Show (Public  Vote )


Please send your submission to

In the Subject Line of the email please write "Artists Name_Infinite Undoing Submission"

ENTRY FEE: $15.00 for three images, or video clips of proposed performance

Please read all instructions carefully

Visual 2D/3D Artists:

-please also see 'all submissions' catagory at the end of the page to complete submission

-please attach images of work to the email, do not include in the body of the email*****

-Images must be in:

jpeg format

No more than 2 mb per image

Name each image as follows: lastname_firstname_entrynumber.jpg

(example: Jane_Smith_01.jpg)


For each piece submitted, please also include in the email (or an attached word doc)

 Entry number

 Artist’s name  

"Title", Date



 Price (If for Sale)


 Entry 01

 Jane Smith

"This Work", 2016

 Oil on Canvas



Performance Artists:

-you may attach videoclips to email or send links to youtube/video/personal site of performance

-if creating a performance specifically for this exhibtion please describe in email in as much detail as possible

-please describe your plan for performing during the opening of the exhibition (is it a video of the performance, or a live performance, just one performance or many performances throughout the night, do you need a stage, is there audience participation, etc?) 

-please also see 'all submissions' catagory at the end of the page to complete submission

****All Submissions****

-*No Video work* (sorry, we have no video or projection equipment, if performance piece requires projection or video you must provide the equipment.)

-Please send your submission to

-In the Subject Line of the email please write "(Artists Name)_Infinite Undoing Submission"

-ENTRY FEE: $15.00 for three images, or installation proposal

-Please Include:

Short Statement about works submitted


CV (if applicable)

Artist Website/ Social Media


-If a work is sold, there will be a 40% commission fee to Galleri 2987, please adjust your prices accordingly.

-Once your submission fee is received, your work will be processed for consideration.

***YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL***within 24hrs.  If you do not receive this email, your submission did not go through. (contact Anna at

-Notifications of accepted/declined work will be emailed to artists by Saturday March 31st

Click Button Below to Pay $15.00 Submission Fee (You will be re-directed to Paypal (no paypal account necessary)

The Infinite


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