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Stephanie Chisholm


Around and within, exists an immediately accessible reservoir of material- to be soaked in and rung out into something not here before. When working, any visual language or creative practice I or others have developed in the past may be embraced fully, contradicted completely, or reworked in any number of ways. In favoring moments of abrupt change, problem creation occurs repeatedly. I invite this crumpled up abundance lovingly and do what I can to bridge connections. What constitutes a connection is a concern I investigate madly. With cognitive filters relaxed momentarily, permission is granted for images and ideas that are on the brains’ back burners to leap forward into conscious awareness. Upon completion of an artwork, a sense of hopeless deciphering has occurred. What remains is a compressed visual expanse of time to be experienced like a brick wall or endless rabbit hole. In this personalized navigation, I hope to provide an opportunity to dislocate hierarchal terms of the sublime and to find harmonies through unexpected movements and materials.

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